Joy Lawani (Nee Ogbeide-Ihama)


Service of Songs for Joy Lawani (Nee Ogbeide-Ihama)

DATE: May 15, 2020 

TIME: 12:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)



Funeral Service for Joy Lawani (Nee Ogbeide-Ihama)

DATE: May 16, 2020 

TIME: 12:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)




My world, I see you standing and calling sosa!!

Looking at me with a smile

Life isn’t always fair

There will always be memories of you and I

When I look up in the sky

All I see are visions of you

As long as I breath, my world, you will always be part of me

I wouldn’t ask why? No, I wouldn’t 

But I know for sure


Beloved, I had known you for over 30 years…

You were amazing, so doting. My best friend. My partner. My sister. My wife. My love.My world…….

You were the most fun and lively person with the greatest sense of humor. You had a lot of friends and quite a big family whom you infected with your loving charm

We have been together through the toughest of times – and we, the girls and I, know and believe you are watching over us as you had always done

You were just my perfect soulmate. I couldn’t have wished for anyone else

I’m so proud I got to call you my wife

My Angel, thank you for giving me our lovely daughters – Ella and Frances- and for building an extremely close and loving family.

You lit up my world. You brought Joy to everyone that came your way

Your strength inspired me. Only you and the girls know the story. You are a fighter. This is why I take solace in believing that you had gone to rest in a better place

J, thank you for sharing your life with me

I will always love you and hold on to the memories we shared

Your light will always burn bright in my heart ❤️. Sleep peacefully – Joy – until we meet on the resurrection day

Continue to Rest Well where there are no more pains




We used to drive around in her car on the way to school and listen to different radio songs,

Making me looking forward to riding to school with my mommy.

We also watched a lot of fun programs and games with the entire family,

Would miss my mommy.

She would also call me “LALA”

Mommy please continue to pray with us.

I know you are ok and resting.

I love you my mommy

I love you !!Please continue to pray with us.




Mummy, I don’t think that anyone can replace you, will forever miss you.

We would always watch award shows together at night,

Watch the NBA games together being on our side and Daddy on the 

Opposite side, made it so fun.

She always called me “Momma”

Mummy would always miss you.

Love You.


Your “Momma”


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  1. Joy, you were a good and loving friend and sister. I love all the memories that we shared together back home and I was really looking forward to seeing you again. I will surely miss you. My heartfelt condolences to Esosa and your daughters. May your soul rest in peace.

  2. The passing of Joy hits us hard as a family. It is the loss of a sister-in-law who has become chosen family, mother to my 2 beautiful nieces and wife to my brother.
    Though you will be deeply missed, I know you are resting easy and every breath you are taking in heaven is without labour.
    Thank you Joy for being such a wonderful wife to Sosa, such a great mum to Ella & Frances and a blessed sister-in-law to me.
    Will miss that unique smile of yours.

  3. Mama J…hmmmm….my first thought while penning this down is….how heaven has gained yet another soul! I know you are in a better place of rest now! Your smiles cannot be erased from my memory as that’s all I see when I think of you. Your kind heart and dedication to your family was inspiring. You were so amazing and I am certain God has a better plan for you in heaven. Rest on dear forever sister.


    • My joy, it’s so hard to say goodbye, u were a friend & sister from another mother, our days in school can’t be forgotten, the laughter, our girls talk, anytime we talk ur laughter is always joyful it was ur signature, we can’t ask questions cos we didn’t create anything, the creator has done a perfect work on u & we say THANK U JESUS, May GOD comfort ur entire family, continue to rest in perfect peace in JESUS NAME ?Amen

  4. OH!!!!!!!! JOY
    “Joy Girl” as I fondly call you, you left us too soon. The news came to me as a rude shock.
    You did not say goodbye
    Well, God knows best
    Good night my dear wife
    God be with you
    Till we meet again at at his feet
    Rest in peace sweet soul
    Tina Yinka-Oke
    Your sister-in-law

  5. What can I possibly say?

    All our life we judge God faithful! We judge Him true and purposeful!

    Beloved sis, Truly, you were and remained Joy – Oghogho!
    Stickler for peace, love, unity and care for others even when you are dissadvantaged.

    God was delibrate about your assignment on earth – extremely selfless, would love as Jesus did.

    I can not express the pain, unending outburst of tears, deep grief I feel but will continue to lean on God for healing as we come to terms with your heavenly transition to your maker – Jesus. Your memories will go a long way to bring us all out.

    I thank you Lord for the opportunity to be born and raised along with this inestimable jewel. Thank you Lord for her wonderful hubby and kids and family. It is well.

    I miss and would always love you.
    Eternal rest I pray my darlyn sis. Sleep on!

  6. Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not to thy own understanding.. Thank you Lord for giving us JOY!!! Rest in peace always.. amen

  7. Rest on dear cousin. Your love will always be here to say. I remember the last time We meant. All you offered was true love and excitement. God new you were the one to save, he took you home to get some rest even though we loved you best. Our hearts are filled with so much pain but at this time we must let go. Your legacy lingers on. Rest on my dearest cousin till we meet to part no more . Linda Edore(Ogbeide Ihama)

  8. My very darling Joy Oghogho, you are truly an amazing person. You spread joy everywhere, you loved my beloved nephew Esosa dearly, a great mother to Emmanuelia and Frances. I am thankful to God Almighty for the opportunity and privilege to know you through the years, they were some of the best things that happened to me. Joy, you’re missed very much. I pray God Almighty to accept your gentle soul in Christ Jesus. Amen. Much love, Uncle Osa.

  9. Joy .you will be greatly missed. I will miss you so much ,words are not there and not enough to say how much I will miss you. our late night calls,laughing at every and anything ,reassuring each other of fears ,advising each other .Rest blessed soul xxx

  10. You were indeed a great wife to my cousin and a wonderful mother to the kids. I pray God should grant you eternal rest and peace. Adieu Mrs Joy Oghogho Lawani.

  11. Sister Joy, your death came to us as a rude shock. You have done your own part here on earth. May the good Lord grant you Eternal rest. Rest on sister. God be with you till we meet again.

  12. Joy was indeed your name ,cos you brought laughter wherever you went , we haven’t seen or spoken in years but when I remember all the times we spent together it brings smiles , you will be greatly missed dear, rest in the bosom of the Lord. I love & miss you so much. Good night dear friend.

  13. Joy girl, you were such a star! Strong willed yet so full of love. Your warmth and contagious laughter I will always remember! You made our school days in St. MARIA GORETTI memorable. Thank you for being you. So full of life! Now you’re with our lord and saviour Jesus Christ and though we miss you but you conquered! Your light shines everywhere!

  14. I am lost for words…..but I am consoled knowing you are in a better place. Joy, your kind heart will never be forgotten. Sleep well my sister till we meet to part no more!

  15. Darling Joy
    Am still in shock as days go by,
    Wondering why a loving soul like yourself have to go this soon.
    We can’t question our creator because
    he knows best.
    You will be greatly missed.
    Rest In Perfect Peace.

  16. knowing how much of a positive impact you were on every soul that crossed your path while you were here on earth is so heart warming.You lived your name.Rest on beautiful mama❤️


    Our eyes are filled with tears!
    Our mouths get small as we swallow the pains of your demise.

    Our hearts are heavy!
    Our grief unbearable !!
    Our beautiful wife has gone to be with the Lord

    JOY JOY, our wife with so much joy and laughter
    Kind hearted………

    To us, she was a daughter, a friend, a sister, a mother and a good wife

    May God comfort Esosa, Ella, Frances,your Siblings,your Friends and ALL of US

    Adieu our beautiful wife

    Funmi Imuetinyan(Nee Lawani)

  18. Beautiful Joy, it all started with you being my school mother’s sister, and then you became friends with my family, then you became family and then you became my dear cousin’s wife, you will be greatly missed. RIP

  19. The clock chime! The rhythm of the ticks continues unabated. The curved sunlight dims into sunset seamlessly and effortlessly. The parallax snapped!
    The ever embullient, joyous and laughing Joy has transformed into the Heavenlies.
    You were a shining one..warm, caring, unselfish, and compassionate.
    You were a good wife to Esosa and a great mom to your kids.
    Good night!

  20. There are some things in life that we will never understand on this side of eternity. BUT we are confident that God allowed in His wisdom what He could have prevented in His power. May God comfort, strengthen and fill your family with peace that passes understanding in this very difficult time.
    JOY, You radiated such joy on every contact with you.
    Rest In Peace ?

  21. Joy who knew this day would ever come.
    My friend and my sister im so short of words
    You were a kindhearted person ,you definitely brought joy to us.
    God knows best.
    I will miss you forever and may you continue to rest in perfect peace in the lord.Amen!

  22. My darling friend and sister,
    I never thought I would be writing this tribute at this age. How can I capture the light you were in a few short words? How can I even start to describe the joy, yes, like your name, that you bring whenever we meet or speak? This is a huge loss that is hard to comprehend but God knows best.
    I love you my sis. You lived a good life and impacted so many. I will miss you greatly but i believe that we will meet at the Lord’s feet.
    May God comfort, strengthen and console the family.
    Rest on in peace, Joy!

  23. Joy ! Otemwen! A sister from another mother. .You were loved by me. Your death came to me as a rude shock because I spoke with you just two weeks before your demise. You never gave the impression you were ill. You were full of love and life that day which will forever remain vivid in my memory. I expressed fear over this pandemic that day we spoke and .in your usual way of lightning mood you said I should not fear that it would soon be over. You were bold, courageous and full of life. No dull moments with you! I will forever cherish the moments we shared. I pray the good Lord consoles your family members whom you left behind.. Joy you are sadly missed but am consoled by the fact that heaven has gained.

  24. Joy your death come to us as a shock,I pray the good Lord will console your family,we will miss you may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

  25. My sincere condolences to your family my Sister. May the goodness and mercies of the Lord protect and comfort all you let behind.
    Go in peace to your maker my friend.

  26. Oh where do I start, I met Joy through my elder sister, sonia Evbuomwan, Joy was like a big sister to me, when I visited Canada 2018, She was there for me like a sis, anytime i had little issues she always gave listening ears, advice me like a sister and she was a peacemaker, her encouraging words were part of the things that kept me going, I remember during my baby’s naming she was just so there for me, she came through for me like a true sister, that is one gesture I will forever cherish in my heart. As her name implies , she was ever so joyful, never a dull moment with her, so loving, friendly, peaceful, motherly, calm, gentle,i can go on and on. When I had u passed! I really found it very difficult to process it. When it sanked later, I felt the excruciating pains , I wish tears could bring angels back. You would have still been in our mist. But well, heavens have gained an Angel. I love you so much Joy. Rest in peace big sis.

  27. Oh where do I start, I met Joy through my elder sister, sonia Evbuomwan, Joy was like a big sister to me, when I visited Canada 2018, She was there for me like a sis, anytime i had little issues she always gave listening ears, advice me like a sister and she was a peacemaker, her encouraging words were part of the things that kept me going, I remember during my baby’s naming she was just so there for me, she came through for me like a true sister, that is one gesture I will forever cherish in my heart. As her name implies , she was ever so joyful, never a dull moment with her, so loving, friendly, peaceful, motherly, calm, gentle,i can go on and on. When I had u passed! I really found it very difficult to process it. When it sanked later, I felt the excruciating pains , I wish tears could bring angels back. You would have still been in our mist. But well, heavens have gained an Angel. I love you so much Joy. Rest in peace big sis.

  28. Joy girl. Your passing came as a rude shock to all who ever came in contact with you. I miss your ageless smile and beautiful demeanour. I hoped to see you again soon so we could relive with nostalgia our childhood days. But God knows best. Rest on my friend,sister and inlaw.

  29. Hmmm Na wah, Joygirl !!! It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday, words fail me…..May God rest your soul amen and also give Esosa and the kids strength and solace to bear the loss!!!

  30. Our dear Joy, you will affectionately be remembered by us all as a radiant, loving and caring wife, mother,sister and aunty.

    You were a ray of sunshine and we will always remember your infectious smile.

    You were always a gentle and adorable family icon who was loved by everyone. God has called you home early, now the family chain is broken and our hearts weep because we have lost our most precious jewel. We’ll take comfort in your ever-compassionate good deeds and the treasured memories we have of you.

    May God guide and protect those of us you’ve left behind; brothers, sisters, family and friends, especially your husband, Esosa and your two beautiful daughters Ella and Frances.

    Goodnight and goodbye our dearest. May your gentle soul continue to rest in perfect peace. “Gone but never forgotten. Forever and always in our hearts”

  31. Words alone can not express the shock, sadness and vacuum you’ve left in us.

    There is a saying that goes “The beautiful ones are not yet born” NO! I stand to disagree with that because you were born.

    Mama J, my ever Soft Spoken and Kind Hearted Pride of Bini, a Peace Maker, a Supportive Sister, an Encouraging Aunt, a Good Wife and a Wonderful Mother.

    Baba God knows best. You will surely be missed. Rest on Sist.

    Dion Lawani

  32. Dear Aunty Joy

    You left behind two beautiful daughters: Ella and Frances. They are not alone however because they have their wonderful father and most importantly they have GOD. May the Lord Almighty keep them safe and be their never ending emotional support and friend.

    Psalm 34:18 The Lord is close to the broken hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

    We all love you so much but GOD loves you more. GOD Bless your soul dear Aunty.

  33. I know that you are gone for good
    It’s hard to accept, but now I’ve understood
    Nothing lasts forever, even if it’s good or it’s bad
    Now you’re up in heaven; it makes me feel glad
    That finally your pain and sadness has ended
    Just like the way God had intended
    At this time you’re standing at those big golden gates
    Up in heaven your new life awaits
    I know you’re looking down on us wanting us to be strong
    And I know you have been all along
    We all miss you and that’s definitely true
    When we think of all the times we had with you
    For now you’ve gone up high in the sky
    Because this is your time to say goodbye
    Dedicated to my Auntie Joy Lawani. From your little princess Arella Lawani..

  34. Dear Aunty Joy,
    Thank you for leaving behind a sparkle of Joy in my life.
    My forever beautiful, bubbly and Fantabulous Aunt.
    I guess Heaven needed you more than we needed you on Earth.
    Good Night Aunty Joy, till we meet to part no more.

    Osayamen Oshodin

  35. It feels so weird writing a tribute to an amazing and smart personality.That smile and laughter always lit up the whole room,thank you for being a wonderful wife and awesome mummy to the kids,you will always be missed Mama J,My heart and prayers goes out to the entire Lawani/Ogbeide-Ihama families.May God almighty grant you eternal rest.Amen

  36. Joy, I never knew you will not clock 50! You were always so happy and I thought we will all celebrate together but to my surprise and shock I heard of your death from my elder sister. My thoughts were on you a week ago so strong that I did not understand, not knowing you were fighting a battle. May your gentle soul rest in peace friend.

  37. My deepest sympathies to the Ogbeide and Lawani families, and pray God Almighty to grant you the courage and strength to deal with this situation.

    All I have are very positive memories of Joy. We take comfort in the news that one day we will be reunited with you, again. My prayers go out to both families.

  38. You will ever be remembered, ever smiling Joy
    Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her
    May your soul and all the faithful departed through Mercy of God
    Rest in perfect peace, Amen

  39. You will be greatly missed, Joy
    You had a peaceful and charming personality
    Rest in the blossom of the Lord

  40. You were my classmate at St. Maria Goretti Secondary School, Benin.
    We became friends;
    We became sisters;
    You married my brother
    We became family!!!
    My Joyful Joy !!!!!
    Why did you not wait for that surprise I planned for you . I told the delivery guy to send me pictures of the excitement and surprise on your face !!!!! .
    I woke up on Saturday, excited and waiting for pictures on my phone ????.
    The surprise I got instead was devastating!!!!!!!
    Ohhh! My Joy! what a way to say Goodbye…
    I love you my darling …,
    You fought to live for your family!!!
    I remember anytime we share the story of Ellas birth …. You will always say, Flaky, I will live long to take care of my Children!!!!!!
    I love you my super woman !!
    Rest well my Joyful Joy.

    • It is well and God is making a new face and sending Angels to help in all what you’ve left behind… You’re a ? Rip Joy.

  41. Dear aunty Joy,
    May your precious soul rest in perfect peace. It is difficult in times like this to accept that this is God’s will, but we cannot question the great divine. You were beautiful, vibrant, caring and full of life. You left two beautiful children that will carry your legacy further. May God comfort uncle Esosa in these times, I cant imagine what he’s going through losing his best friend and the love of his life. We are all so devastated and heartbroken but we have to accept the situation. I know you’re up in heaven looking and smiling down at us. It is well. Rest well Aunty.

  42. Effervescent vivacious down to earth Joy…..quick spirited and ever cheerful….that is how I knew you and how I will remember you….gone too soon……a big loss to our family…but the LORD knows why. Rest In perfect Peace. To you my dear nephew…brother and Freind Esosa…..devoted husband of Joy, the LORD is your strength and your shield and your comforter. The LORD will do what only HE can do in this difficult time and see you and Ella and Frances through and beyond in Jesus name. ??? Aunty Oyinkan

  43. My eyes filled up with tears as I heard the news.I find myself wishing that it wasn’t real,Every time I think about it.
    Even though you are gone away,your love will always be here to stay
    You touched our hearts with so many things,God knows best,He took you home to get some rest,even though we loved you best our hearts are filled with so much pain,God loved you more there was no shame.

    At this time we must let go,your memories we will keep a flow
    Rest well my dear sister and cousin with peace of mind,your memories will live on through and you will be greatly missed.

  44. Joyooo as I fondly called you, you were a very fun and loving sister in-law. You never complained about anything and you were always willing to help.
    You were one of the strongest women I have ever met and will be greatly missed. You are a beautiful light that will keep on shining in our hearts. May your soul Rest In Peace.❤️❤️

  45. My Dearest Joy,
    My paddy paddy,
    Its so funny how its only memories of good times that we can now gather ,
    How you will say- ‘Osayu, you are not calling anymore ooo..
    How you will keep advising to maintain my weight loss and ‘ yabbing me.
    This is hard to comprehend,but only our good Lord knows best.
    You will be greatly missed by all of us your family and especially, your husband and two lovely daughters.
    Rest Well in the bossom of our Lord Almighty dear sister.
    Till we meet again

  46. Our parts crossed and we became close friends when Joy worked in Diamond bank Lagos.We lived close together in Maryland Lagos too.
    Joy was always so cheerful and full of life.Her personality so warming.
    I pray God to forgive your sins and receive your soul dear friend till we meet to part no more.Adieu dear Friend.

  47. Aunty Joy. Aunty Joy was a good and caring woman, she blessed and cared for everyone around her. She would always catch me with her smile. Through out the years I could see how blessed she was to have Ella and France. She has built them in the way of God. She was the most happiest person I had ever seen. She was the best wife to Uncle Esosa, they always reminded me of a fairytale marriage and I always looked up to both of them. I just wish I could have spent more time with her before she passed. For all the time I knew her, she was a fighter, a warrior and a peacemaker. May her soul rest in perfect peace.

  48. All glory to God Almighty for the life she had with you and the children. I also want to Thank you MR ESOSA, for all your efforts and dedication to her and the family. Your labor of love, care, hard work for the family will not be in vain IJN. She was a very honest and truthful person. On behalf of my family we say may her soul rest in peace.

  49. Awwwww wat a wonderful soul a joyful ? loving sister aunt and a friend it is hard to understand why those we love are taken away from us, but find comfort in knowing that she rest in the arms of Jesus the most high God, rest on.

  50. Joy was loyal and respectful-her friendship was not based on status but rather respect and compassion. We take hearth with the knowledge that you were one of the rare ones that showed your love for God by showing love to everyone that came in contact with you. Rest in the lord sister

  51. My cousin Joy was a wonderful person in every sense of the word. Growing up in a large family, I quickly learnt that she was everybody’s personal person. She was always willing to put a smile on someone’s face, no matter the circumstance. And boy, she did love fashion and cars! “Motor girl” – that was her nickname. I am going to miss you a lot cous; but I am consoled by the quality of your life on earth. I have no doubts that the heavens smiled upon your arrival. Till we meet again …

  52. My heart still aches from the news of your sudden departure. Your smile, that contagious smile will forever remain in our memories. Goodnight my dear and Rest in Perfect Peace.

  53. Joy girl…May your soul Rest In Peace. I pray that God give Esosa and your two lovely daughters the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss. It is well.

  54. Joyous Joy, the shock of your passing cannot be expressed. I couldn’t believe it and had to call to confirm the sad news. Rest in peace dearest Joy, in the bosom of the Lord and find rest there. Indeed the kids will be okay and the good Lord will comfort your husband. Rest on sis until the resurrection day, amen.

  55. Joy i do not know what to say as since I heard of your death, the reality of death started to get clearer knowing that everyone will pay this price only that you left so soon. Rest in the blossom of the Lord until we meet to part no more. Pray ? that the Good lord protect the family you left behind. Adieu Joy

  56. Joy girl my dear coz, there is no doubt you have a beautiful soul! God called and you answered because you are always obedient and ever ready to help. The same God that called you now, will make sure your husband and your beautiful girls will be well taken care of in Jesus’ name, amen!!! Go and do what God wants you for and leave us here to grieve because it is our loss. Congratulations because you have gained your perfect place in heaven where you belong, you have done enough for everyone else and now it’s your time to rest.
    Rest well sis, keep shining like the star that you are….you will be greatly missed by everyone RIP xxx

  57. Hmmm….. Mama J,.. Even when Esosa broke the news to me, I refused to believe,,,,I asked him if he meant that you were resting upstairs.When I called to speak to you in the afternoon on Friday, Esosa picked up your phone that you were resting and I told him I’ll come on Saturday and bring peper soup for you, only to get a missed call from Esosa on Saturday morning very early.I called him back almost immediately and asked after you, Esosa told me you have gone to rest!!! I heard him, but refused to understand it that way, but rather interpreting it to mean that you were still resting upstairs. I rushed down to the house expecting to see you welcome me from the kitchen as usual, but when the door was opened, I broke down,,,Mama J.. you were not in the house, Mama J..I did not hear your voice, Mama J…my heart is broken.. You did not say goodbye, you did not leave instructions! You left us, You will be greatly missed, Deborah and Daniella will miss you. Thanks for all the good memories,
    Mama J.. Esosa, Ella and Frances will be very fine as I trust GOD to let you always watch over them.Rest In peace Mama J. Rest In peace sweet angel.

  58. I can’t remember if we ever met.
    But the way my sis(Folakemi Moses – Ikhile) will always lit up anytime you spoke while I was around her could attest to the joy you exuded.
    She would always start by saying, ” Joy girl” or “Joyful Joy” and you two would chatter on with so much laughter.
    Hmmm, this is not going to be easy for your family but we find solace that the good Lord will console them all.
    Adieu sis;
    May your gentle soul rest in peace. Amen.

  59. Your infectious smile, your constant spread of joy & love and your bubbly self were some qualities I admired in you. You indeed were an amazing person, your passing is indeed a great loss to the world and a gain to heaven. Thank you for your being a wonderful wife to my dear cousin and an amazing mom to your kids. The beautiful memories you all shared would be cherished forever!!!

    May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace. I pray God comforts Frances, Ella and Eseosa. Rest on sis…… ❤️❤️❤️

  60. My Joy, big Joy, my friend, all my years in Ekpoma you were always there for me, your laughter, your rebukes, your commendations, your love and support saw me through. You loved everyone that I loved, always had my back… dearest you left! Put off like a candle in the wind. My Joy, big Joy this was not the plan oh, but no questions asked, thank you for being a part of my life, all I have of you now are sweet and fun filled memories, good night my dear friend, sleep ? in the bossom of our heavenly Father until we meet again.
    Love you!

  61. I am still in shock, I saw you last in July when i visited Canada, you were so busy making sure everyone had something to eat with those great smile always on your face. I did not know that will be the last time I will lay my eyes on you. May your gentle soul rest in peace and may the almighty God comfort all your loved ones. You will be greatly missed.

  62. My memories of you was first as a teenager coming to Usenbo’s house. I saw you as such a calm & cool person, then I got to Canada in 2016 and was surprised to see you were married to my cousin Esosa.
    You welcomed me warmly to your home with that same bright smile I had known from Usenbo’s house. Chatting with you guys about my ordeal in getting to canada, was the first time we really had a conversation.

    When I had a barbeque, Esosa and the girls were there and I wondered why you didn’t show up, little did I know what you were going through.

    I wish I had the time to know you better. Reading and hearing all these eulogies has shown that you were truly a rare gem

    Rest in joyous peace!

  63. Thank God for a life well spent. God will preserve and protect your legacy. Rest in peace. You are ever loved.

  64. Aunty joy, my sweet loving aunty and so much more. You did so much for me and guided me in any way you could. From dropping me off at school in the mornings and laughing along with me every time you came over. You treated me as your own daughter and for that I am forever grateful. You had one of the brightest and purest souls and shared your uttermost love with everyone you met. Zizi, Zaneta and I are going to miss you very much, we love you forever and always. Rest In Peace angel aunty.

  65. Mrs. Joy Lawani ( Nee Ogbeide Ihama). I pray almighty God grants you divine peace and mercy. May God in his mercy grant your husband and two lovely daughters divine strength and comfort them, during this very sad and painful time. Amen.

  66. Dear Joy, my beautiful sister-in-law,
    Your death came to me as a shock! I remember a few weeks ago, we chatted on What’s app but I didn’t know that would be the last time, I would chat to you.

    Joy, you were such a beautiful person! When I visited you guys last year, you did everything you could to make me and my family comfortable. Each time, I would try to help you around the house you would say to me “Tayo go and relax you are on holiday, when I come to Australia I won’t do anything but relax” and we would both laugh and joke about it.

    Joy, you were a loving wife to Esosa, a wonderful mum to Ella & Frances and a caring and selfless sister-in-law to me.
    I will miss your charming personality and kind heart but you will never be forgotten!
    May your beautiful soul rest in perfect peace!
    Adieu Joy!

    Tayo Lawani
    Your sister-in-law

  67. Dear Joy.
    I write this with great sadness over your unimaginable loss. As I struggled to make sense of this loss, I am comforted that you are in a better place at rest. You meant so much to us. You were a special lady, selfless, brave, nice, cheerful, loving, kind, and your smile warmed our hearts. I am going to miss not seeing you. May God give your family the fortitude to bear your demise. May God guard, guide, protect, provide, and surround your husband and daughters with His love and care??
    Adieu my dear. May your soul continue to Rest In Peace ??.

  68. Joy girl, you were a shinning star, joyful caring and always ready to help. You welcomed the girls, Jim and I in to your home with open arms
    when we moved over to Canada. You went over and beyond to ensure we settled in well. You were always the fun and awesome aunty who danced with the kids and made them scream in delight . Memories of you will always be in my heart. Rest on strong and courageous daughter of God. Rest in perfect peace.

  69. My Joy, my friend and sister, finally i face the reality that you have gone to be with the lord, for to be absent in the body is to be present with the lord. Words fail me, to say i will miss you is an understatement. We had plans together for this year, but now i am left alone to carry on. Rest well my friend and sister, till we meet again on the resurrection morning.

  70. It’s hard to understand why, when loved ones are taken from us too soon but we find comfort knowing you lived a very special life and are now resting in the Lords bosom. Rest on in peace Joy. We all miss you!

  71. Darlyn cousin sis Joy!

    Growing up in a large family, I quickly learnt that she was everybody’s personal person. She was always put a smile on someone’s face no matter the circumstance. And boy, she did love fashion and cars!

    “Motor girl” – that was her nickname; any task to be done in the family that requires you getting the driver on the road? She’s there life!

    The only one who can nick name everyone in the family and that name sticks!

    Missing you loads angel-on-earth! XOXO ❤?‍♂️
    Perpetual Usenbo (your Pliplinko)

  72. Darlyn cousin sis Joy!

    Growing up in a large family, I quickly learnt that she was everybody’s personal person. She was always put a smile on someone’s face no matter the circumstance. And boy, she did love fashion and cars!

    “Motor girl” – that was her nickname; any task to be done in the family that requires you getting the driver on the road? She’s there life!

    The only one who can nick name everyone in the family and that name sticks!

    Missing you loads angel-on-earth! XOXO ❤?‍♂️
    Perpetual Usenbo (your Pliplinko)

  73. Joy
    Words have failed me since I recieved the call on the 9th of May.I looked forward to calling you in the afternoon when I got a call from Omoregie.Unbelievable,painful and acceptable as the will of the Almighty God.
    I remember those days @Agho,for you
    I was “Ameriguegue” while I called
    you “Agbaaa”.
    For me you ran the race and won.Yes you won because 2 Timothy 4:7 says ‘I have fought the good fight,I have finished the race.I have kept the faith’.To God be the Glory for the great things He has done.
    O death where is your victory?O death where is your sting? 1 corinthians 15
    Good night Joy

  74. *Tribute to Joy*

    My dearest in law, you lived your life to fulfill your name.

    I’m looking at your birthday Shoutout to me last year on Facebook “Happy birthday Bro! Enjoy” and all I can picture is the smile on your face as you would hit send.

    That is how I have always known my lively and humourous in-law and would forever remember her.

    We can only grieve on this side, but Heaven gained you with much Joy.

    You remain in our hearts.

    Rest on in perfect peace!

  75. Fair well my dear sister, good night and Rest in The Lord. You have ran the race and have finished the good fight. Continue to rest till we meet on that great day.

  76. Our Joy!

    Forever, carrier of good news! Always joyful! All our sweet childhood memories would forever remain with us. Growing up was fun with! Joy! Oghogho!

    Even in the darkest moment in the family, you consistently encouraged us all and remained a light of joy that shines in the house. You would muscle all it takes to bring about joy – by mere presence amidst those times.

    No doubt, we miss you. Esosa, Ella and Frances and the family will forever remain in our prayers.

    May your gentle soul rest in peace my sister.????

  77. Tribute to an adorable princess – Joy Lawani

    If there is one anyone who lived a life worthy of their name, that person was Joy.

    She was never one to judge; always ready to lend a helping hand; and to make others smile, even in life’s toughest moments. We remember fondly all the memories of our childhood – ‘riding to Emotan with a fight for who seats at the more comfortable Middle space of station wagon or laughing at who got smacked at a game of Ludo at Plymouth road to the parties at Agho with all your friends’.

    We miss you dearly, and hope that you are even happier in heaven. Till we meet again.
    Remain the blessed and favoured of the Lord.

  78. Forever in our hearts – Joy Oghogho Lawani (nee Ogbeide- Ihama)

    I sit back and all the pleasant childhood memories won’t stop coming back;

    School and after school lessons dramas!

    Summer holidays; everyone looked forward to this. Fuller house; returnees from boarding house, close and distant visiting relatives from Nigeria and abroad.

    Enough gists! Lord! Laughter, dramas, fun, movies, siblings / cousin fights for very unserious issues – who holds the remote to the telly, indian movie or tarzan, who chose the plate of food with the biggest meat, did you actually choose your plate of food, yummies, snacks before your seniors????? ?

    And then the emergency reconciliation committee and who is in the middle of it all (Chief matter settler – Joy) you just name it!

    Chief organizer; canadian crew / support rally to weddings, family events.

    No doubts we do and will always miss you sis. Continue to rest in the bossom of our maker – Jesus.

  79. Yesterday was just so emotional and I am sorry I couldn’t attend today Aunty Joy because it’s depressing and sad but I am glad I showed up on zoom yesterday to pay my last respect. Rest In peace. Till we meet ✌️

  80. Joy girl, the news of your passing came as a very rude shock to me and our old girls .
    We reconnected at Mende years back and the few times I spent with you were fun packed! You can jist!!! You cracked jokes and I enjoyed every moment we spent together.
    You were such a loving person and brought smiles to all. May the Lord bless your beautiful soul and protect your family.
    Rest in peace Joy.

  81. Dear Joy,
    All I want to say is Rest In Peace.
    Continue to Laugh up there.
    Always bring happiness to all.

    Your laugher can and will never be forgotten.

    God will take care of your darling Esosa and your lovely Daughters Ella and Frances.

    The Holy Spirit will send comfort to your brothers and Sisters,Uncles,Aunties and your friends.
    I trust you will be so joyful over there,
    Rest on dear.

  82. Joy!!!
    I remember back then in Great Dr Usenbo’s (of blessed memory) home, you were an amiable and kind-hearted member of this large, loving and dandy family. You all bonded so well, were accomodating, extended your love and cared for everyone that came in contact with you including “de facto family members” like myself.

    Your fondest memories lives on forever in my heart.

    May God Almighty strengthen and uphold your hubby and beautiful Princesses. And may He comfort the entire Lawani, Ogbeide-Ihama and Usenbo families in Jesus name Amen.

    Indeed you finished well, continue to rest in perfect peace my dear sister!

  83. May her beautiful soul rest well. I met her couple of times at church (Brampton, Canada) and I can never forget those smiles!. I pray for strength from above for the lovely family she left behind. Rest well Sis, rest well, amen.


    Joy was a very loving and caring wife and mother, Sister, Aunt and friend.
    Joy was also a very joyful, selfless and active member of St. Maria Goretti Old Girls International(GOGI Canada)
    Joy was a very loving and Dedicated GOGITE, always joyful, easy going, humble, peaceful and always very pleasant to be with.

    The constant reassuring dazzling smiles and laughter on Joy’s face eased the stress on anyone around her.
    Your name is Joy and you lived your name Joyfully and was joyful to everyone around you.

    Joy, your death was a big blow that shook every one that knew you.
    Joy, although you left us too soon, like a burning candle in the wind, you will forever live in our hearts and be in our memories.

    Joy Adieu, Goodbye, Okhiendehia, erimwin nu ye evbu evbu our joyful, beautiful, Sunshine, and peaceful angel.
    Rest in peace. We love you and we will miss you!

    Mrs. Mercy Iyamu
    GOGI Canada President

  85. I’ll miss you Sister Joy, thanks for welcoming me into your home and your family with no questions asked and no judgments, thanks for the laughs and going out of your way to do things, thanks for our jewels Ella and Frances. Wish I had more time with you before you left, but this has taught me to remember those around me and ‘pick up the phone to talk’ and for that I say thank you once more. Rest on Sis ??????

  86. I was shocked when I heard the news. I remember the last time I saw you was so many years ago, at Maryland, Lagos, Nigeria. So full of life. May GOD comfort your family, most especially your daughters & your husband.
    May your gentle & loving Soul continue to rest in perfect peace.

  87. 1-year remembrance of our darling wife, mum , sister and friend
    Mrs. Joy Lawani
    May God continue to rest your soul Amennnnn ??


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